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      An early morning Hatha Yoga practice is a great start to your day.  In the yogic tradition, the early hours of the day are most sacred and conducive to focusing on the needs of your body and maintaining a calm mind.  Early morning yoga helps to regulate your circadian sleep cycle, and build a healthy, consistent routine to your days.  In these classes experience a few rounds of Sun Salutations and postures that activate the Pineal Gland,  which excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns.  A morning yoga routine with asanas, pranayama and silent meditation elevates your mood, and sustains a healthy metabolism. 


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(level 1-2)

      This class offers an energetic boost to your day. With creative sequencing of important Asansas of varying degrees to benefit the whole body, and pranayama exercises presented throughout the practice to sustain the breath and maintain the postures the class leads into a peaceful silent meditation. 


         Engage in a beautiful Hatha Yoga practice with adults and kids together.  Experience a series of Asanas to stimulate all the organs in the body,  as well as develop  your flexibility and balance.  Class will include Pranayama and a short guided meditation.  A great class where eachi ndividual  can embrace the unique energy of the different ages present in the room.  


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     Yoga is accessible for everyone.  This class focuses on bringing awareness to all the parts of the body by releasing tension in joints, gently toning the muscles, and importantly tuning into the 11 systems of the body to sense balance and harmony throughout. THe class offers restorative postures to help regain strength and vitality, as well as an extended Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation for the body and mind. 



Pranayama, translates as "to extend the life force".   Prana is that energy source that gives life to the body. We connect with our Prana through our breath.  With mindful breathing exercises we control our breath and ultimately control our mind.  In this class, we will practice various Pranayama exercises, and understand the benefits of being mindful of our breath. 

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