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Priya Amaresh

The passion and the opportunity to practice yoga is my good fortune.  However, to share & instruct the practice of yoga is my privilege. It was in 2013 after completing my first and only marathon, in Anchorage, Alaska, I engaged in Yoga practices on a regular basis.  Having experienced chronic physical stress and fatigue for weeks after the run, I began to seek alternate forms of exercise and found Yoga to be most fulfilling.  Considering my heritage and upbringing  I was often exposed to Yoga, but in my ignorance I had taken it for granted as too simple and non-effective for my needs.  Little did I realize how a few good sessions, and a good Yoga instructor could transform my beliefs. 


Since my awakening to the limitless benefits of yoga,  I attended many classes, workshops, and retreats. I was so inspired by the many wonderful teachers and experiences I had, I decided to become a certified Yoga teacher, myself.  In 2016, 2018, & 2019 respectively, I completed my Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Teacher Training from the beautiful setting, and authentic teachings of Integral Yoga Alliance in Yogaville, VA.   Immediately, I began teaching to whoever was ready to come for a class,  and where ever I could get an opportunity to spread and share the holistic experiences of Yoga.


Teaching is a real pleasure. I earned my Bachelor’s & Masters in Education from the University of Michigan, and had been a school teacher for over 15 years. So, to instruct creative Yoga classes while drawing in philosophical & cultural themes was natural for me, especially as I had been raised in a spiritually and culturally rich home, where Indian traditions were ingrained in me.  

 I like to make the practice of Yoga fun and accessible to all ability levels from beginner to advanced.  Helping students to reach their potentials for personal transformation and growth is an important aspect of my classes.   My intent as a yoga teacher is to create an environment where people do not worry about being perfect; where individuals can be part of a community,  and not feel judged or less than; a place where people want to stand on their feet more than their hands; and mostly a place where all can develop their minds and intellects, as well as their bodies.


The fact that yoga can be practiced by anyone-  young & old, men & women, flexible or not makes it all inclusive and a joy to share! I know for a fact, that most every yoga class leaves individuals feeling relaxed, energized, and happy. It is my privilege to share the amazing benefits and the uplifting experience of Hatha Yoga. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully, and this is what I would like to transfer to students who come to my classes. 



“I have been taking Priya's yoga classes for almost 3 years now. It is been a wonderful, life changing journey! She is very loving, kind, supportive and moreover very passionate about what she is doing! Thanks so much Priya, for all that you do.”

— Sanjani


“Taking yoga with Priya has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Our relationship has evolved into a beautiful friendship that I cherish very much! I'm very grateful to Priya for blossoming my interest in yoga in a creative and graceful way!"

— Lakshmi Kiran

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